Whatever your idea. We deliver.
Why Kerrock
Whatever your idea. We deliver.
Why Kerrock

Washbasins and sinks

  • Pleasure of the touch

    Look of stone, pleasant and warm to the touch. Attractive and inviting surface structure.
    Touch it; feel how nice it is.
  • Mechanical resistance

    Surface structure designed to limit the mechanical damage and so to maintain its like-new-appearance for years. Various stains can easily be removed. Kerrock makes ravages of time invisible.
  • Antibacterial and health-friendly

    In addition to the original Kerrock you can opt for an innovative material called Kerrock plus, featuring an antibacterial substance fully integrated in its overall structure. As soon as the bacteria touch the surface, they are eradicated and their further development is prevented.

The endless possibilities of shapes and structures. KERROCK.

145 Lina

Interior dimensions

Length: 300-600 mm
Width: 300-370 mm
Depth: 120 mm
ø: 46 mm

Dimensions by order

Length: 300-1200 mm
Width: 300-600 mm
Depth: 50-500 mm


Washbasins available in unicolours, granite and teraco colours.


Whatever your idea. We deliver. WASHBASINS AND SINKS.

Ease of care:
- simple to clean and maintain
- ordinary agents
- fine abrasives 
- grinding and polishing

There are 92 standard 
Kerrock colour hues available.
Kerrock, made in Europe Kerrock production – NEW dimension 
of flexibility

Extreme flexibility during the Kerrock manufacturing 
process is enabled by using the innovative 
technological processes. We never fail to find 
a response to your challenges.


Why a Kerrock washbasin?
- because of its styling
- because it offers the option of thermoforming
- because it is versatile, flexible in design
- because it is environmentally friendly
- because it is pleasant to the touch and non-porous
- because it is resistant to both mechanical impact and chemicals