Medical sector.
Why Kerrock

Comprehensive solution.

  • Kerrock flexibility

    Antibacterial. Non-porous. Simple to clean.

    Resistant to mechanical impact. Flexible and easy to use. Pleasant to the touch.
  • UV-resistant colors

    Production of UV-resistant Kerrock for exterior use.
  • Mechanical resistance

    Surface structure designed to limit the mechanical damage and so to maintain its like-new-appearance for years. Various stains can easily be removed. Kerrock makes ravages of time invisible.
  • Antibacterial and health-friendly

    In addition to the original Kerrock you can opt for an innovative material called Kerrock plus, featuring an antibacterial substance fully integrated in its overall structure. As soon as the bacteria touch the surface, they are eradicated and their further development is prevented.
  • Simple to clean and maintain

    It is for its simple cleaning and maintenance that Kerrock has become so popular; the stains can be removed by simply using water and ordinary cleaning agents. For a silky shine and freshness of colours we recommend cleaning by using fine abrasives.

Medicine. KERROCK. PLUS!

Minimalistic design with accent on functionality
Kerrock is without any doubt the material that fully satisfies specific needs
in medicine and pharmacy. It feels pleasant and warm to the touch, 
it is non-porous and exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.
Ease of care:
- simple to clean and maintain
- ordinary agents
- fine abrasives 
- grinding and polishing

Kerrock manufacturing – The NEW dimension 
of flexibility
Extreme flexibility during the Kerrock manufacturing 
process is enabled by using the innovative 
technological processes. We never fail to find 
a response to your challenges.

For areas where the highest standard of hygiene is demanded, Kolpa d.d. 
has developed a revolutionary product called Kerrock plus. 
Throughout its entire molecular structure a complementary antibacterial agent is added.

Kerrock, made in Europe