Space which calls for good business.
Why Kerrock
Space which calls for good business.
Why Kerrock

Kerrock manufacturing -

  • Kerrock sheets - width

    Unicolor, Granite and Teraco effects:
    3600 x 1350 mm & 3600 x 760 mm

    Marble effects, Luminaco, Lumino: 
    3600 x 760 mm

  • Kerrock sheets - thickness

    Unicolor and Granite effects:
    6, 8, 12, 18 mm

    Marble and Teraco effects,
    Luminaco: 12 mm

    Lumino: 6, 8, 12 mm
  • Colors from the RAL scale

    Any RAL or other colour developed within a short time (two-week period).
  • Mechanical resistance

    Surface structure designed to limit the mechanical damage and so to maintain its like-new-appearance for years. Various stains can easily be removed. Kerrock makes ravages of time invisible.
  • Simple to clean and maintain

    It is for its simple cleaning and maintenance that Kerrock has become so popular; the stains can be removed by simply using water and ordinary cleaning agents. For a silky shine and freshness of colours we recommend cleaning by using fine abrasives.
  • Shine in your creativity!

    We have created colour hues of higher translucency, opening new dimensions of design. Their splendour only gets fully displayed when drenched with light. Then a play of light, shadows and patterns incurs, only limited with capacities of your imagination. It can also be used for ambient lighting, sensual and aesthetic lamps or furniture decoration...

Space which calls for good business. BUSINESS PREMISES. KERROCK.

Modern in colours and structure
Bold forms, compelling colours and warmth of touch.
Your message is telling how very progressive and enterprising you are.
Space which calls for good business.
Business premises that affect your customers.
Their impression is shaped by their first contact with your company.
Kerrock, made in Europe
Kerrock characteristics:
- non-porous 
- resistant to mechanical impact  
- resistant to chemicals 
- resistant to heat
- pleasant to the touch
Ease of care:
- simple to clean and maintain
- ordinary agents
- fine abrasives 
- grinding and polishing