Washbasins and sinks. KERROCK.

Stand out with every single detail.

Functionality, robustness, ease to clean, sublime style and multiple design options are more than a good reason to choose a washbasin or a sink made from Kerrock.

Thought over. To the last detail.

Since Kerrock is a non-porous and heat-resistant material, it is reasonable to use it for areas exposed to water and heat.

When even such a small space becomes a large one.

Skill, innovation and imagination of designers combining functionality and aesthetics to follow one goal - best use of space.

Modern in colours and structure.

With its wide range of colours, Kerrock allows creating the interior in which usability and creativity come to life.

Kerrock is there to impress!

In particular, Kerrock is distinguished by its durability, design options, environmental friendliness, wide range of applications, easy cleaning and processing.

Material of trust.

Antibacterial. Non-porous. Simple to clean. Resistant to mechanical impact. Flexible and easy to use. Pleasant to the touch.

Ease of care.

It is for its simple cleaning and maintenance that Kerrock has become so popular; the stains can be removed by simply using water and ordinary cleaning agents. For a silky shine and freshness of colours we recommend cleaning by using fine abrasives.

Versatile. Kerrock.

By implementing Kerrock you make the lines between the indoor and the outdoor get blurred. With its organic design it melts with the environment, raising the overall harmony. Through its quite astonishing design options and a wide range of colours it can assume countless forms of occurrence. Kerrock. Truly versatile.

The endless possibilities of shapes and structures. KERROCK.